La Petite Maison

La Petite Maison’s mission is to celebrate and share simple, yet fresh and light French Mediterranean and Niçoise cuisine.

Inspired by our Niçoise heritage and our mission to create a new take on the general perception of French cuisine, La Petite Maison focuses on the elements of Niçoise food, olive oil, tomatoes etc to create an exquisite Mediterranean micro cuisine that is light, healthy and deliciously palatable, instead of rich heavy flavours that depend on the use of excessive butter and cream.

The art of La Petite Maison represents and include the eccentric style of the 20th Century painters of the South of France, Mediterranean in style and colour, bright, naive, provocative and clashing. The striking artwork combined with the vibrant flower arrangements and gorgeous vases stand out in brilliant contrast to what is otherwise a gently tasteful and conservative paneled room that features a conventional 19th Century gilt mirror and a bronze sculpture. The hallmarks of classic French restaurants.